30 not-at-all personal facts about me


   Due this rainy and cold October weather, all I want to do is to stay under my blanket. My second year of Uni started, so I'm at it 4 days a week and already have much work and with it comes stress. How will I make it trough, how will I achieve everything in time and manage my blog at the same time... I felt like I lost inspiration so I'm looking for it in everything. I waited whole day to find a perfect idea for my next post, and in the end I waited too long until there was no more natural light to shoot with. Then I thought that maybe I should try with a personal post. I made myself hot chocolate, lit a candle, put on some relaxing music and went on. These are some facts you maybe (or maybe not) wanted to know about me, I will write them randomly as I think of them:

1. I was born in Belgrade, but I lived in Obrenovac until I turned 8.
2. I have a boyfriend for 2 and a half year now, we've been through a lot and I love sharing my life with him.
3. I have 3 tattoos, although some people never notice my third one because it represents constellation and is made up of dots. I want more of course and I already have plans for some. If you're interested I will talk about my tattoos in a separated post.
4. I love to eat, a lot, too much. But I don't eat that much as my body shows. There are some people who are skinny no matter how much they eat or what they do, but for me it's just that everything I eat glues on my body. I have been struggling with my weight my whole life, there were always some people to tell me that I'm fat and that I should lose weight. I was at my best shape at the end of highschool, but then the Uni came, and I put on a lot of weight because of a lot of stress, and not being physically active. Now I'm just trying to learn to love myself the way I am.
5. I love painting my nails but when I'm nervous, which is most of the time, I rip my nailpolish off and I really need to stop. -.-
6. I love watching shows where people (especially kids) sing, and I really enjoy people who sing well. I sing okay, but I always wish I did sing better.
7. I'm terrified of my voice on recordings or when I see myself in a video clip or something. That is why I will probably never have courage to vlog.
8. I enjoy different kinds of music, but my favorite band ever is Hurts.
9. My favorite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch. Then Tom Hiddelson, Tom Hardy and Johhny Depp. But Ben first.
10. My life goal is to live in the UK, next to the ocean, probably Brighton. (Although I have never been to the UK)
11. My favorite tv shows are Bones and Greys Anatomy. I also love True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and I watched every single episode of Sex and The City for a couple of times.
12. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with all CSI shows, and also with LA, Miami and NY ink. The sound of tattoo machines buzzing calmed me, and I used to watch them when I solved some big jigsaw puzzles. That's probably why now I enjoy getting tattooed, and instead of scaring me, the sound of tattoo machine relaxes me and makes it hurt less.
13. I played valleyball for at least 7 years, and I will forever miss playing it.
14. I actually draw very well, I'm (my) best at portraits, but I'm just too lazy, and maybe I draw 7 portraits in the past 5 years. That's a waste, because with practice who knows what I could do, but I always feel like I have something better to do.
15. I can do anything I set up my mind to and if I give my best, but to start and to want it enough is the hardest part.
16. My family doesn't support my tattoos, because that's not so 'normal' here, and because I'm bad influence to my younger brothers and sisters. But I think I should really stay myself and do whatever makes me happy, and build my life how I want it because... it is mine?
17. I think education is important, not because I think that people without it are not good enough or not worth the job or whatever, but because I want to learn as much as I can about what I love and want to do for the rest of my life.
18. I love traveling, meeting new cities, seas, oceans and buildings. And dogs. :3
19. I love airports, airplanes, freeshops, airport coffees, sandwiches and suitcases and that *oh my god I'm traveling* feeling.
20. My favorite foods are fries, burgers, pizza, chips, this was very hard to pick, but if not I would go on forever. From sweets, my favorites are ice cream, Kinder Bueno and Nutella.
21. I don't know how would I function without my best friends. As time passed by I learned who are my real friends, and I'm most thankful for having them in my life.
22. I'm scared of deep water, although I love the ocean. But what I'm afraid the most of is the death of the people I love. 
23. I believe that mermaids exist.
24. I'm still a kid inside, and enjoy legos and cartoons that I loved as a kid.
25. I'm a cup hoarder, I now have 5 favorite cups and love buying new ones.
26. I'm fascinated by the moon, then the stars. I can stand at the middle of the street and stare at the moon, and when it's especially big I want to shout to all the people to look at it and I'm confused because how some people can pass the street not looking at it. 
27. I still don't have my drivers license! I actually love driving in a car and can't wait to drive my own, I really don't know why I still hadn't started taking the lessons. Mainly because I don't have enough time, or I don't know how to organize, but in the end I think it's because I'm too lazy. That needs to stop and I need to drive!
28. My bestfriend calls me potato and seal, and that describes me the best. I'm potato-seal.
29. I believe there is beauty in everything, that we should enjoy every second of our lives and in that saying 'without the dark we'd never see the stars'.
30. I really hope this was interesting to read.

Love, Dunja x

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